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Characteristics of an Effective Public Speaker


Public speaking may involve any form of speaking to the audience. Even pre-recorded speech from a great distance is also delivered to the audience. A person needs to have a stronghold on his speaking and listening abilities to establish a streamlined flow of interaction with the audience. There are only a few people who somehow manage to balance their breath and speak with the voice of their soul. They need to practice every day to develop immunity to the fear of speaking in front of numerous people.

Nervousness caused while speaking is the major haunting factor that may give rise to various physiological reactions like shaking hands terribly. The anxiety is prevented when you focus more on preparation and practice. The way you speak to the public portrays your sincerity and personality. Effective public speakers like Warren Buffet use humor, stories, or different languages to engage the audience in their words.

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Regardless of whether you are new to public speaking or a seasoned toastmaster, your skills need to be continuously improved. Once you lose control over your voice and gesture, the audience will no longer be interested in listening to you. There are some scientifically proven characteristics of effective public speakers that one should emulate to become influential leaders.


Confidence while speaking portrays the quality of being accurate, competent, intelligent, likable, and credible. While speaking, it’s normal to get nervous, but confidence helps to stick to your motive. Your excitement will give you the potential to shine through anxiety.


Your authenticity while speaking is clearly observable by the audience. There is nothing wrong with deviating a little bit from your script. Learning paragraphs can cause you to fumble and make mistakes. Be authentic with your words. Be yourself while performing.


If you aren’t passionate about your speech, it will be meaningless. Passion helps you to connect with your audience and deliver presentations creatively. It is the exchange of energy in speaking which creates a genuine and valuable emotional connection with the audience.


Your speech should be like a conversation that will actively engage people. Through your speech, you will be simply communicating your message to them. It becomes difficult for a speaker to manage noise and prove what they want to say when they don’t go with the flow of conversation.


Before you deliver your speech, you need to assess how your audience is and what they expect. Your speech is for them, not for you. You need to feel more confident so that you can quickly and easily tailor your speeches to specific audiences. There is no limit to how much can grow with consistent practice.

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