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Top Must-To-Know Things You Should Consider Before Selling Your Rolex


Rolex watches have become a status symbol as they are made using the greatest craftsmanship, best materials and are some of the highest-priced watches on the market. The Rolex brand was founded in London, England in 1908. Following World War I, the company moved to Geneva, Switzerland. In 1915, the company was officially named Rolex Watch Co. Ltd.

One of the company’s initial goals was to create a watch that could withstand water. This led to the introduction of the Rolex Oyster Submariner watch. In fact, many fine stores highlighted the watch’s ability to hold up in water by highlighting it in an aquarium.

In 1931, Rolex patented the Perpetual rotor mechanism that relied on gravity and a self-winding system. This meant that it kept time on its own with its smooth moving second hand and no winding was needed. This was a “first of its kind” product. For its time, it came with many bells and whistles that other watches didn’t have.

While the Rolex watch has a long, impressive history, many find them too ostentatious and look to trade in their watches for fair value. Many in the Midwest looking to sell Rolex in Nashville area have several options to choose from. Rolex owners need to do their due diligence, though, so they get a fair price for their trade-in.

Determine the current price of your Rolex:

Before considering selling a Rolex watch, you need to determine the current price, in order to know you are getting full value for your investment.

Reliable businesses such as have Rolex calculators on their site, so you can plug in the model and style and find out right away what your Rolex is worth. Many people that don’t want to sell their watch, but are interested in knowing what their Rolex is worth also use these calculators to make sure their watch is maintaining its price.

Others choose to go into a fine jewelry store or an independent appraiser that can provide them with additional information about their timepiece. No matter what route is chosen, it is key to go to a reputable business before you decide to sell your Rolex.

 Do you have the original receipt for your Rolex watch?

Don’t be hasty when choosing to sell your Rolex. It is always best if you save your original receipt and packaging for your Rolex. Since there are many counterfeit watches in the world, it is always good to show a potential buyer what the original cost is.

Along with having the original receipt, you should also keep all the packaging manuals, warranties, and extra links that came with the watch. All these items help authenticate the watch, to prevent someone from offering less than the watch is worth.

 Here are some other tips for those considering selling their Rolex watch:

  • Find out how much your watch is worth before you decide to sell it.

  • Keep original paperwork.
  • Find out the reference number for the watch. If you don’t have the original paperwork, you can find out the original price through a four-to six-digit number engraved on the side of the case that is visible when the watch band is removed.

  • Keep the serial number private. Each watch has a specific serial number that only one watch has. Don’t ever display this in photos, etc.

  • Understand the difference between market value and retail value. Selling your watch to a dealer or jeweler will sell it again for a profit, which means they will give you less. Keep in mind that Rolex’s value doesn’t depreciate much, so keep that in mind when you sell your watch.

  • Check the condition of your watch and keep that in mind when you decide to sell. Having it appraised before selling will help you determine the real value of the watch.

  • Most importantly, sell only to reputable dealers.

 Why do you want to sell your Rolex?

Most people look at a Rolex watch as a status symbol saying you are a success. But others find that owning a Rolex may have some negatives as well.

Gentlemans suggests keeping these factors in mind before you buy a Rolex watch, or as you sell your Rolex watch:

  • Rolex’s are priced so high, not just because of their quality but also brand name. If you decide to sell your Role, it may be an issue of supply and demand, with the price going higher when the demand is higher. They are a status symbol and often part of the cost is due to their name.
    Rolex watches are mass-produced. They are not artisanal watches. They are a luxury product that garners top dollar. The company produces around 800,000 watches per year, with most looking similar.
    It is difficult to buy a vintage Rolex. Many people strive to get an original, vintage Rolex, but these are increasingly difficult to find, and many can be fakes, so be careful what you buy.
    There are a lot of counterfeit Rolexes on the market. You must buy from a reputable dealer or risk being taken by the extremely good fakes that are widely available.
    Not concerned with the status symbol? Some people don’t need to flaunt their luxury items and choose more casual, less expensive options.
    Risk of theft. Unfortunately, there are scam artists around every corner these days, and people looking to relieve well-to-do people of their jewelry and watches. If a thief sees someone with a Rolex watch, it may be assumed that they have other expensive jewelry and may put them at risk for robbery.
    Rolex watches are for those with a passion for watches. Unless you have a passion for valuable timepieces, do you really want a Rolex? There are many other watch brands on the market that are stylish, reliable, and are less expensive than a Rolex.

 Best Things About a Rolex Watch!

Those that have the money and are considering purchasing a Rolex, whether new or aftermarket, here are some positive things about them according to

  • Each Rolex is pressure tested. This ensures there are no leaks in the case.
    Each Rolex watch is made using the most expensive stainless steel available, it is known as 904L.
    The most expensive Rolex was sold for $17.75 million.
    The gold used to make Rolex watches are made on-site at the Rolex gold foundry.
    A Rolex that uses roman numerals uses IIII instead of the more popular IV, this is due to more positive aesthetics.
    Rolex watches have been to the deepest parts of the ocean. James Cameron sported a Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch, which was guaranteed to be waterproof in water depth of 12,000 meters (this equates to 39,370 feet). He descended the Mariana Trench in 2012, and his Rolex kept perfect time throughout his seven-hour deep sea journey.

 Where Do You Go to Sell Your Rolex?

As previously stated, if you have a Rolex watch, it is critical that you go to a reputable jeweler or dealer in order to get a fair market price for your timepiece. No doubt that if you have a Rolex, you paid a lot of money for it, or it was an expensive gift. You want to make sure that you get the best price for your Rolex no matter how long you’ve had it or how much use has gotten out of it.

All Rolex owners need to be extremely careful when they decide to sell it. Getting it appraised once or even twice by a reputable dealer or appraiser is always a good idea. That way you have a keep idea of its value before you start the process of finding a vendor to purchase it.

Those located in Tennessee are fortunate because can help sell their Rolex in Nashville and the surrounding areas. In fact, because of its online site, with a wealth of information, those looking to sell have the ability to find out about the latest prices and other key information by this reliable vendor.

With so many authentic-looking fakes on the market, it is important that you never leave your watch with anyone who may swap it with a counterfeit. You need to take great care of your Rolex, or you could find yourself out a lot of money and a watch that may only be worth a couple of hundred dollars at the most.

For many people buying or receiving a Rolex watch is a sign that they have made it, challenging work has paid off and your reward is a Rolex. In many cases this is true, in other cases, the watch itself has extraordinarily little meaning, the name of Rolex is what has the panache as a status symbol.

No matter what your reasoning is, it is a fine piece of jewelry that has been prized since after the first World War. Anyone should be proud to wear a Rolex, just be careful when the time comes you want to sell it.

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