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360 Degree Digital Marketing for a Business


As a business has multiple sides of marketing like visibility, branding, sales promotion, sales conversion, customer retention, etc., it needs marketing coverage on those multiple fronts. It means the business requires 360 Degree Marketing support.

Let us discuss the same in the subsequent portions of this article and understand how 360 Degree Marketing can best be implemented for your business to achieve your goals.

Achieving Offline Sales through Online Methods

You can use a number of online platforms to get or improve sales for your business.

Online platforms may be classified into two sets:

  1. Lead Generation Channels
  2. Sales Inducement Channels 

Lead Generation Channels are those that are used to list your business online in select categories using relevant keywords and these are mostly useful in generating business enquiries and leads. Popular channels of this type are Web directories.

Sales Inducement Channels are those that induce, influence and persuade customers and internet users into buying your products. Common channels of this type are online coupons, promo codes, online ads, social media posts, promo and explainer videos, questions and answers that direct the potential customers to buy from you.

Both these types of channels first let your prospects know about the existence of your brand, products and/or store when they look out for these products or reach out to them through ads or marketing posts in various online platforms and websites. Secondly, these prospects are informed that your products can be availed in certain locations and websites so that they can avail the product to fulfill their needs. Digital White Labels is the best SEO service company. Check for an apt package.

Furthermore, these channels give additional or other information such as product features, advantages, uses, uniqueness, company information, offers, discounts, etc., through company profile, product descriptions, coupons, graphical representations, videos, articles, blogs, ad content, slogans, keywords, web links, etc. and help them to understand more about your business, brand and products/services, get favourable disposition towards your business, positively influence them to prefer your brand over competitive offerings, visit your offline and online stores and buy your products.

What is 360 Degree Marketing?

Considering all aspects of a business, the list of various marketing needs of a business can be stated as the following:

  • Better Visibility
  • Consistent Branding
  • Countering Competition
  • Maintaining Market and Consumer Connectivity
  • CTA Fulfillments
  • Product Awareness
  • Addressing Concerns & Troubleshooting
  • Improving Customer Relationship
  • Upselling & Cross Selling
  • Maintaining Market Goodwill
  • Use of Advanced Techniques and Alternate Methods, Tools & Approaches in order to explore, experiment and increase sales

Branding through Digital Marketing

A business needs visibility for a variety of reasons and they can be stated as

  • Brand Reach
  • Brand Recognition
  • Brand Recalling
  • Brand Preference
  • Brand Dominance
  • Brand Following
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Rebranding
  • New Product Promotion
  • B2B Branding
  • Multi-frontal Branding
  • Multi-channel Branding
  • Omni-channel Branding
  • Differentiated Branding
  • Product Level Branding
  • Purpose Specific Branding

Need for Digital Marketing

Your Business needs Digital Marketing for a wide variety of reason and they include the following:

  • To clear misconceptions
  • To drive home a point or two
  • To communicate about finer points of your brand and products
  • To increase your website or store traffic
  • To improve your website’s SEO rankings
  • To aggregate leads and customers
  • To create brand and product awareness

Types of Digital Marketing

There are various forms of digital marketing. Some forms of digital marketing are used to promote the brand and some other forms of digital marketing are employed to increase sales outright. There are some digital marketing activities selectively and exclusively programmed to do audience aggregation so that they may be nurtured in a phased manner to become your customers and prospects in the future. See options and best digital marketing plans with the Best Web Design & Development Company.

Digital Branding

Digital Branding efforts are mostly done through paid ads and regular posting of images and videos so that customers are kept abreast of the latest and and they are fed with the right information at the right time. Constant Digital Branding is also being done in order that your potential audience keep viewing and interacting with your brand continuously which would eventually convert into sales. Digital Branding is used to let customers with latent needs to immediately buy from you. Through Digital Branding, you can make customers’ expectations and needs to meet your solutions.

Content Marketing

Series of article campaigns are specifically planned, written and programmed to reach those online readers, users and potential customers who might have ready or felt-need for your products and service and to influence them to buy from you sooner or later.

ThIs type of audience nurturing is mostly done for high value, capital or technology intensive solutions and giant projects marketing that attempts to engage potential buyers to let them know about your brand, interact with your brand, read your products details, understand your products, consider your products and eventually place orders with you.

In this promotional method, the buying cycle usually takes a lot of time and the selling process involves several stages. The potential audience is nurtured through these stages with the product information and branding to make them understand your products, trust your brand, have a long journey with your brand, try your brand and buy from you at the end point.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Irrespective of the fact whether you are a new or long-term existing business, your online reputation is a key to get new and sustain existing customers. In this digital ages, the internet users or your target customers get exposed to continuous streams of data and business information through multitudes of digital sources such as ads, articles, videos, case studies, downloadable content and the other various forms of digital media and platforms. So, the likelihood of these users and customers trying an altogether new brand is very high if they get impressed with the competitive offerings and products who might be a near or distant competitor.

So, this pressed the fact that you have to keep building your reputation as a brand in the online space so that your customers get frequent updates about your offerings and news and be assured that you are still live and active in your business offering new and interesting products and services which they appreciate and adore


As Digital Marketing is huge and expansive, be selective in your use of approaches, tools and methods that fit your marketing bandwidth and at the same time ensure that you cover your business 360 degree so that all your marketing needs are addressed and fulfilled without gaps.

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