Waterhog mats

Waterhog mats: Strong, Versatile and Stylish


Entrance mats are an important part of a customer’s first impression when they enter a business. Safety is promoted by entrance mats, which prevent slips and other tripping accidents. Entrance mats also keep businesses clean by trapping any debris that might be able to enter the building.

Waterhog floor mats look great and are durable. Waterhog Classic Mats, the most sought-after entrance mats on Ultimatemats.com, are the Waterhog Classic Mats. They are actually the #1 choice in the industry and have been chosen by many customers who want to create the best image possible for their business.

Waterhog offers commercial businesses a safe and clean way to cover their entrances, particularly in high-traffic areas. They are also tough and durable mats. What are the best features of Waterhog Classic Mats, particularly among all Waterhog floormats?

Safety: All businesses care about safety. Slippery floors are a major concern for many businesses. Unpredictable weather conditions or accidental spills can cause floors to become slippery. Waterhog floor mats soak up water to prevent accidents. Water Dam Technology is used to keep customers safe from potentially dangerous situations. Waterhog Classic Mat also has a 100% Nitrile rubber backing that helps prevent falls.

Durability: Entryways must withstand a lot. Visitors and unpredicted weather conditions can take a toll on business entrances. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that can withstand outdoor and indoor wear and tear. Waterhog mats are able to withstand this abuse. Polypropylene is unique because it resists crushing, which makes the surface strong enough for continued cleaning. Polypropylene is resistant to sun damage so you don’t have to worry about it fading.

Appearance Waterhog shows that even tough mats can look beautiful. Waterhog Cassic offers 18 vibrant colors. Waterhog Classic comes in many textures that offer superior cleaning. Waterhog mats are functional thanks to their textures. The mats come with either a rubber border or softer fabric border, depending on the desired look.

Waterhog floor mats have special patterns that enhance their cleaning abilities. Waterhog Classic Mats have a raised nub design that traps debris inside the mat. Cleaner air is achieved when debris is kept out of buildings. Cleaner air means cleaner work environments which in turn makes employees more productive. Both the waffle and herringbone designs have the nubs available. The herringbone design uses horizontal slats in the same way. All Waterhog Classic Mats have anti-static properties.

Waterhog mats are easy to maintain. Waterhog Classic Mats can be easily cleaned. It can be hosed down, dried on a rack and hung up to dry or vacuumed. You can also have your mats professionally shampooed or steam cleaned. You will be amazed at how long they last, no matter what you do to them. This is due to the Polypropylene material.

Waterhog mats make a great choice for commercial facilities and businesses. They will protect your business and keep customers and visitors safe. The Classic Mat offers a wide range of colors and all the same features that make Waterhog so popular. It is the best decision a company can ever make.

Learn more about how to conduct a thorough workplace safety assessment which will identify potential hazards. Management can then brainstorm ways to reduce risk while protecting employees and customers. Clear signage, slip-resistant treads for stairs, commercial floor mats and commercial floor mats are all ways businesses can reduce workplace risks. Ultimatemats.com offers a wide range of safety-enhancing products. Visit them today.

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