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Working Tips for Business Leadership


Being a great leader is flashy but difficult too. It requires a lot of experience and education in the first place. Being a good leader doesn’t mean hard work. It majorly includes smart work and shows confidence in your field. Affecting anyone with one’s behavior and approach is not easy.

Here are four tips for business leadership. Some are basic, but important reminders, and play a role in leadership skill development.

Set An Example

A great leader always performs first and guides later. Working in a healthy, productive requirement often requires a great leader who sets an example for his employees to follow.

If you need your staff to be punctual, make sure to go to work on time. If you’re looking for courtesy and kind-heartedness in your employees, make sure to treat them kindly. The point is you’re serving as a role model to them. They are going to follow you even to the slightest details.

That is arguably the major difference between a leader and a boss. A boss is the one who commands and yells at his employees, but a leader is the one who leads and shows the right path to his/her employees.

Be Humble

This tip is a major one but is often overlooked. A great leader is always humble and kind to his followers, in this case, employees. Just look at it like this, which teacher do you remember as a good teacher from your school? A humble and disciplined one. Right? People tend to follow the commands of the one who talks kindly and gives “chill” vibes. Harsh parents usually have the most spoiled kids.

Great business leaders like Shady Elhami are always humble to their employees and clients. Being humble will not only help you take control over your employees but also positively express your character. This also positively affects your day-to-day life and improves your communication skills. A great leadership command starts with a big smile.

Take Risks

It is the most hidden trait of any good business leader. A good leader is always willing to take risks. A leader with a group of employees is like an army with a commander. An army is going to be as brave and bold as its commander. Similarly, employees are going to be as bold and hardworking as their leader is.

A great leader like Shady Elhami Montreal-based entrepreneur is always ready for new challenges and willing to take risks. He leads his employees in a win-win situation even in challenging times. This is what enhances the trust between a business leader and employees. Hence, a good leader is always ready for new challenges.

Thought Organization

This one doesn’t imply on leaders only but overall, on a person. Always keeping your thoughts organized is one of the flashy traits of a good leader. A leader primarily thinks on behalf of a company. All of his employees rely on him.

In a hectic condition like this, great business leaders always have their thoughts straightforward and organized.


By following these four major tips, you can start your journey of a great leader who not only works for money but leads his employees like the captain of a ship.

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