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5 Awesome Bluetooth Speakers for You


True! You cannot add fun into your outdoor party without music and for that, getting quality bluetooth speakers is must and in the market, you come across a wide range of speakers to choose from. Before rushing to market to hunt the best option, you should know your specific needs in order to spend your money rightly and with evaluating features, you should also gauge durability while buying speakers.

As you often use them outdoors, so it is better to go with the waterproof ones preventing speakers from getting affected from water at pool and beach parties. Moreover, grabbing the lightweight speaker also enables you to carry it in a comfortable manner on-the-go. For assisting you more about choosing the right bluetooth speaker, this blog has come up with the remarkable options for you, so you must check out the list below.

  • Sonos Roam

Let’s begin with this amazing pick that has got the massive fame among the masses because it has the ability to rock your outdoor parties with a great sound quality of music you play. The weight of this device is 0.95 pounds making it very easy to carry, so do consider it and the battery life extends up-to 10 hours with the connectivity options like bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi. The powerful audio quality makes you feel like enjoying any concert. While hunting your favourite speaker online, you should also visit the store of D&R where you find many options with availing discounts if you use D&R indirim kodu.

  • UE Boom 3

It has also grabbed the attention of people because of its features and affordability, so you should add it into your bucket list and expand your options. The weight of this gadget is 1.2 pounds with the fantastic battery life of 15 hours and the wireless range goes beyond 30 feet making it more attractive option to try.

  • JBL Flip 6

It is also the famous sound-device that is the part and parcel of very party, so you should also evaluate it and it definitely fulfils your specific requirement; thus, it has the great popularity among the masses. This remarkable device weighs 1.2 pounds and it offers you the battery life of 12 hours and the ideal bassy sound enables you to enjoy music maximum.

  • Bose Portable Speaker

The weight of this incredible gadget is 2.4 pounds and it works up-to 12 hours that is enough to enjoy all night and above all, it also gets into your budget easily, so you shouldn’t overlook it. The ideal streamlined shape makes it more attractive; thus, it enjoys the great sale online.

  • Anker Soundcore Flare 2

No way, you cannot end up without discussing this amazing option that has also proven to be the best bluetooth speaker rocking every outdoor party with quality and affordability. It weighs 1.29 pounds along with the 12 hours’ lasting capability and yes, it is also the water-resistant device making it the strong consideration for you.

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