The best winter strollers


When a child is born, parents rush to buy a comfortable and beautiful stroller for your child. In spring and summer, it is quite simple, but in winter, the first transport of the child has many additional requirements – comfort and convenience of the child, maneuverability on the roads covered with snow, ease of management. Baby strollers are manufactured by many domestic and foreign manufacturers of baby products.

For starters, I would like to present you with a magnificent example of German quality. Hauck Arctica – winter walking strollers for children. They have an insulated cotton housing with support. In it, your child is not afraid of even the most severe frost and wind piercing.

German specialists have created the ideal stroller for countries with snow and icy winters. The chassis and wheels of these models offer excellent crossing capacity, even on very snowy roads. The design of the strollers is strict and practical. They are available in several colors. The kit includes:

insulated cloak for feet;
a bag for mom;

insulated coat on support;
shopping cart;
insulated envelope;

KoochiPushmatic English winter stroller is a well-equipped universal module that can be used for newborns and young children. The back is tilted in several positions, and the hood is removed if necessary. The kit includes a warm cover with a fleece lining and a raincoat. In addition, a winter envelope is provided.

Another amazing model from the German manufacturers – magnificent winter stroller I, COO PRIMO AND DRIVE. These are the strollers of the new generation. This model consists of solid merits.

In addition to the convenience of this sample, you can connect the audio device (player) to the sound system, and during the walk, the child will listen to your favorite fairy tales or music. You can walk, even when it gets dark outside. This will help you work with LEDs. These are amazing winter strollers, reviews of which are already received by manufacturers. They usually contain words of thanks from the parents.

The novelty of two thousand and thirteen years is the winter Camarelo Carera two in one. This model immediately took the leading position in sales among wheelchairs in this class. It was created for children from birth to three years old. With the help of fixed front wheels, the model turns into an all-terrain vehicle – it is not afraid of snow-covered roads.

The German winter stroller Noordine Edel has a spacious swing with a wooden bottom and blown boards. In the walking block, the backrest is adjustable in four positions, including horizontally. The adjustable seat has protection against dirt. A warm cover will ensure the comfort of the child during the walks. The kit includes a signature sheepskin envelope, which can eventually become a mattress or blanket.

How to choose wheels for a stroller

When choosing the main transport for children, special attention must be paid to the wheels, as the maneuverability of the stroller, the smoothness of the stroke, and the damping properties will depend on them. And this, in turn, influences whether the child is comfortable with her and whether it will be easy for her to take her to her mother.

The wheels for a stroller can be inflatable, plastic, or polyurethane, and it cannot be said that some of them are better than others. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages: some are suitable for strollers, others are designed for easy walking options. When choosing, you need to consider not only your preferences but also the condition of the roads you will be traveling on.

For example, the inflatable wheels for a trolley will provide a good passage, indispensable in places with bad roads, but on the other hand, you need to constantly monitor if they are punctured. Most parents who bought an off-road vehicle with such tires, after a few months, can find the fault points independently and sealed. By the way,

If you choose transport for a newborn baby, it is better to pay attention to inflatable tires. Such wheels for a wheelchair ensure good operation, a good ability to cross the country, and excellent shock-absorbing properties.

In addition, due to the large diameter of the tires, the support is quite high. The main disadvantage of this option is the risk of puncturing or lowering the wheels, in addition, they are quite heavy, which increases the total weight of the vehicle.

But the plastic wheel for the stroller is enough light: they are most often installed on sticks. They are usually made in small, which reduces the total weight of the child of the vehicle and facilitates its transport because this stroller folds quite compact.

But plastic wheels have a significant number of disadvantages: a road trip often turns into a nightmare. With bad roads, the wheelchair does not have to be rolled but pulled along the road, the wheels practically do not rotate, they get stuck in stones and sand. You do not have to buy them if you live outside the city, where there are few paved roads or you want to go out in nature with your child.

In addition, such trolley wheels are not very strong fasteners. With the active operation, there is a high enough risk that one of the wheels will fall or break. But do not reject them immediately, for the daily walks of the city are ideal. And if you intend to travel with the baby, then without such an easy and maneuverable option, you can not do it.

By the way, before traveling try to find or sew the seams on the wheels of the stroller – this will significantly ease the way. If you have to travel by public transport or transfer your luggage, you will not be destroyed with dirty tires, others, bags and suitcases of strangers.

But there are wheels that combine both the advantages and disadvantages of both options – polyurethane. They are suitable for those who cannot choose between plastic and inflatable tires, because they have a low weight, a medium permeability, depreciation, and maneuverability.

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