paraphrasing can lead to plagiarism

How bad paraphrasing can lead to plagiarism


It can be difficult for someone to define if something is a quote or a paraphrase. Umberto Eco provided examples of (a) a meaningful paraphrase, (b) false plagiarizing paraphrases, and (c), unsuccessful but not plagiarizing paraphrases.


The Antichrist’s arrival was anticipated with greater anxiety. Generation after generation lived in terror of this all-destructive evil that would reign over lawless chaos and mass murder. He would be the Herald for the long-awaited fulfillment and the kingdom of Saints. But he was even more fearful. People sought out “signs” to accompany the “final time of tribulation”, according to prophetic tradition. These “signs” were bad rulers, drought, epidemics, comets, sudden deaths of well-known men, and lots of sin.

(a) A useful

This is a very detailed explanation by Cohn. This shows the tension of that time when the Antichrist’s anticipation was fuelled by disorder, pain, and chaos. It also symbolizes the Antichrist’s kingdom, as well as the prelude for both the Lord’s Return, the parousia, and the triumphant Christ returning. Many “signs” were present in a time of sadness, looting, robbery, and privation. These signs corresponded to what several prophetic texts called the Antichrist’s coming.

(b) A false, plagiarizing paraphrase:

Cohn is accompanied by many views that the author has expressed in other chapters. We must also remember that tensions rose further after the Antichrist’s birth. The devastation loomed over generations. . It was, however, a prelude to the Second Coming of the Saints. The prophets said that people looked for signs to signal the end of “time of disorder”. These signs could include bad governments, civil wars, droughts, epidemics or comets as well as sudden deaths of high-ranking men.

(c) Plagiarizing something that was unsuccessful, but not plagiarized

Cohn reminds us, however, of how we looked forward to “with more tension…the emergence of the Antichrist”. The devil was feared by generations, who “under his rule law chaos and pillage, torture, mass killing would reign”, while simultaneously being the herald of the long-awaited fulfillment: Christ’s return and his kingdom with saints.

Cohn said that signs of bad rulers, civil war, droughts epidemics, comets, and sudden deaths of well-known men were all possible. They were easy to find.

Exercise: Is the second paraphrase of your sentence plagiarising?

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The second text now contains the plagiarizing paraphrase.

Highlight areas of the text that do not comply with the paraphrasing rules using colors

* Rule 1: Paraphrases cannot contain assertions that are not also contained in the paraphrased text. It should not be misleading.

* Rule 2: Paraphrases should not be placed in quotation marks

* Rule 3: Paraphrases cannot alter the words of the paraphrase.

Use the Paraphrase tool

Online tools can be helpful in avoiding plagiarism. If you are not very perfect when rewriting or paraphrasing, an online will make your job easier.. Paraphrasing the words are done to reduce and then rewrite them using new words. This paraphrase tool should be a must-have.

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