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Should I Be Brave Enough To Grow Pears In My Garden?


Many gardeners find it hard to change direction and grow things. It would appear that we have two types of gardeners in the UK – the experimental and the not-so experimental gardener.

As we all know, climate change is affecting us all. If every gardener or allotment holder up and down the UK planted one more tree, it would help to reduce the effects of global warming. Of course, it is not the only solution. However, tree advocates Chris Bowers and Sons do love to promote their trees. Sadly, the team at the company feel that many gardeners are neglecting their delicious range of pear trees for sale.

Why We Should Eat More Pears

Are pears good for us? Pears are very good for us. They are packed with almost a complete range of antioxidants. On top of that, as pears are more slow growing, they are also rich in micro-minerals. But, here is an amazing fact about pears that you probably do not know. They are a rich source of vitamin C and can beat the exotic orange hands down. Pears are healthy for all of us and you can easily add them to your cooking. Bear in mind that they are slightly stronger in flavour.

Although baked apples are nice, poached pears are even nicer. Sadly, many of us have not tried poached pears, but we should. Their unique “structure” means that they hold and absorb added flavours much better.

Do Pear Trees Grow Faster?

That all depends on what variety you choose. Most gardeners are under the impression that pear trees take a little bit longer to get going, but you should not let that put you off.

There is something special about pear trees. They seem to be more majestic in many ways. Gardeners often say that they provide structure to a garden.

Do They Need More Care?

No, pear trees don’t need any more care than apple trees. Yes, it is important to check on the new addition to your garden, but at the same time, you don’t need to fuss over your pear trees.

Wildlife appear to like them. There are varieties with slightly more dense foliage. Maybe our feathered and furry garden friends feel safer in pear trees than they do in other trees.

One thing that is worth pointing out, is that pear trees will provide you with a beautiful leaf mold. There is something about these leaves. When they finally breakdown, the leaf mold that you get appears to be denser and many claim that it is more nutrient rich. Perhaps that is something that you can try for yourself when you get your first pear tree.

Where Can I Buy Pear Trees?

They are probably for sale in your local garden centre. If you would like to grow more interesting varieties, getting in touch with specialist growers such as Chris Bowers and Sons. Not only do they have a range of different pear trees for sale, they are happy to offer advice and share growing tips with you.

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