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How to Get Better at Programming With DSA Courses?


For many beginners, programming can be a tricky concept to learn. To help them understand the programming fundamentals, Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) knowledge is an appropriate option. But most need to understand the importance of DSA and system design in the programming world. This is the difference between a good programmer and an average programmer.

DSA and system design courses come in handy in various ways. A solid knowledge of the fundamentals of DSA can help you create effective codes. Knowledge of system design helps software developers locate possible issues in programs that are harmful to the system’s performance.

Everything in programming revolves around writing the most efficient code using DSA. System design includes planning, creating, and implementing a system. The software system performs the given set of functions.

However, the topics in DSA cannot be understood in little time. It takes patience to understand its various concepts and implement them properly. Hence, DSA courses are an excellent way to begin your education. These online courses provide mentors for help who can teach you the proper ways to learn and implement the concepts.

How to begin?

For beginners, it is crucial to master a programming language. As DSA is the foundation of every language, it is better if you have the necessary knowledge of the language before starting DSA.

You will understand the system design concepts properly if you apply your knowledge in coding at the same time. Thus, choosing a programming language should be your first step, so you can start implementing DSA.

You may pick any language from the many options. Most programmers prefer Java or Python as they are very helpful programming languages. However, C/C++ is the basic language you can start with.

Tips to help you get better at programming

DSA courses provide many benefits to those wanting to learn programming fundamentals. Here are some tips to help you improve your programming using data structures and algorithms courses.

1.  Clear the basics of programming

The knowledge you gain at the start will help you understand the complex cases later while solving problems. Most programmers spend their time understanding a concern and implementing various solutions before they start coding. With the proper knowledge of DSA and system design, they can quickly solve problems.

DSA and system design courses provide conceptual learning with practical exercises. Students can study and apply the concepts in live classes. It helps them retain the knowledge for more time. It is an effective way to start learning the basics.

2.  Invest your time

It will require some time and patience before you become comfortable with data structures and algorithms. Many programmers get confused and worried as the concepts become harder to understand. However, constant learning is the only way out of this dilemma.

You have to spend considerable time (8-9 months) in DSA if you want to become confident in problem-solving. DSA courses provide students enough time to learn and also get their doubts cleared at the same time.

3.  Put your learning to test

Gaining knowledge is not enough; you need to also apply it to practical use. This includes practicing problems ranging from easy to complex. You can find these on sites like LeetCode and HackerRank. It is only after doing practical exercises that you learn the fundamentals. Therefore, carry out coding and understand the areas that you need to improve.

You can practice your coding and problem-solving through DSA courses. Students get coding assignments, practice exercises, and interview questions to strengthen their DSA concepts. They also get mentors that provide assistance at all times.

4.  Practice coding by hand

To be precise in your coding, you should learn how to code using a pen and paper. Especially if you want a coding career, you should be able to build efficient codes on paper. It helps increase your attention to detail and fully grasp the concepts. It is also useful while interviewing, as many employers require you to write codes by hand.

You may start coding by hand and implement the code later on in the program to see if it works. You can also show the code to a mentor before running or ask for some advice from them.

5.  Maintain a balance between topics

It might be difficult but don’t get stuck in one concept. When you are learning DSA, it is easy to run into an issue that you can’t get over. Instead, you can take a break or start learning a new topic. Also, be in touch with older concepts so you don’t forget them later on.

6.  Learn DSA for placements

You should not worry about placements while learning systems design and DSA. Understanding the data structures and algorithms is the priority task that you must focus on. After you master DSA, you may practise various interview problems. DSA courses will help you prepare for interviews with mock rounds and practice problems.

However, most professionals make the mistake of finishing their study of DSA after they think they have completed the course. Instead, they should dedicate some time to solving DSA problems. It will help them stay in touch and enhance their skills. They will also retain the concepts for a longer time.


Understanding any concept is easier once you master the system design and DSA basics. Therefore, DSA is an integral part of programming that every coder should know. Not only can you make efficient codes, but also boost your problem-solving skills. There are many helpful DSA courses available online that help students turn into expert coders.

With the right course, you can easily become a good programmer. The Data Structures Algorithms & System Design Program is an excellent course delivering one of the best facilities on the internet. You can do programming with the help of mentors and practice coding under their guidance.

Mentors are really useful when you want to learn to code. You are also provided with live classes, career counselling, real-world system design interview questions, and placement aid. Students can earn prestigious certificates from IBM and Microsoft to help them in getting placed in top product-based companies.

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