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Is Leeds University a Good University?


The top 20 institutions in the UK include the University of Leeds (Guardian University Guide 2021).  Prize.

The university supports the initiative because it strongly encourages diversity. There are 39,000 students there, including more than 12,000 from other nations abroad. Leeds is among the top 100 universities in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings 2021, due of its superior instruction.

According to the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2018, the institution has a high student satisfaction rating and is ranked third in the UK. It has also been selected the University of the Year for 2017.

Leeds’ research aims to improve people’s lives all around the world. The university’s international partnerships provide top-notch research findings.

Leading businesses are interested in hiring the university’s graduates. Employers in the UK are most interested in Leeds University.

The institution has spent money renovating campus buildings as part of its ongoing improvement efforts. The campus and its primary resources will undergo a significant alteration as a result of its GBP 520 million project.

The campus is conveniently positioned for exploring the nearby countryside and is only a short stroll from Leeds’s city centre. The vibrant city life, which features some of the best theatres, galleries, and museums, live music events, and exhibitions, may be explored by international students.

Graduate results

Students will have the advantage they need to pursue the job of their choosing if they get a degree from the University of Leeds. The university’s career centre, which provides a daily drop-in service and one-on-one appointments, aids students in finding employment options and submitting their applications, as well as providing access to events and special job chances. The Center assists students in developing winning employment strategies that will give them an advantage in a cutthroat labour market.

Leading firms including Accenture, IBM, Jaguar Land Rover, Unilever, and many more frequently visit the University for Recruitment Purposes and are keen to hire Leeds graduates.

Postgraduate studies Students who pursue postgraduate degrees will be a part of a community of more than 10,000 students and may collaborate with internationally renowned research teams. Graduates from the University of Leeds may be qualified for a 10% grant for their postgraduate tuition.


Even after they graduate, University of Leeds continues to assist students. Nearly 270,000 alumni from the institution are spread out across the globe, giving students access to a large network of professional assistance for the rest of their lives. For up to five years following graduation, alumni will also be able to utilise the university’s libraries and Union facilities.

What’s fresh?

Students are pushed to investigate, ponder, and learn at Leeds. Attending one of the Virtual Open Days gives potential postgraduate students the chance to sample the offerings.

For students who want to enrol in Masters or research degree programmes, the institution is hosting a week of thrilling live lectures. This series of fascinating and intelligent presentations will provide some insight into the organisation of the Leeds postgraduate network and the prestigious degrees that are available.

The Virtual Open Days, which take place from November 29 to December 3, feature a wide range of subjects, including course-specific sessions, lectures on living in Leeds, how to apply, and ways to get financing through the university’s numerous scholarship programmes. Sessions are a great opportunity to learn about how to specialise in a field of study and develop a fruitful and significant career. They are organised and presented by Leeds’ professional academic faculty.

A 360-degree virtual tour that provides an immersive introduction to the university’s excellent location and amenities, including academic departments and postgraduate housing, is another way for participants to see the Leeds campus.

Prospective students can submit an online interest form and learn why Leeds is a top 100 institution in the world (QS World Rankings 2022), offering a wonderful setting for starting postgraduate study as well as an amazing life experience.

Awards and financing

For overseas students, the University of Leeds has a variety of appealing scholarships available, including partial fee awards, maintenance subsidies, and other allowances. Both university-level and school-level scholarships are available, thus it is advised that students inquire about them and submit applications as soon as feasible. Before they can submit an application for a scholarship, students frequently need to get a placement offer.

The following scholarships are available; however they’re not restricted to them:

Awards for undergraduate study

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty international awards for excellence in undergraduate study
  • For the duration of the course, up to a maximum of four years, this award provides up to GBP 6,000, subject to acceptable progress.
  • Natural Sciences Dean’s Scholarship for International Achievement
  • This provides GBP 5,000 each year for a maximum of three years, provided that development has been sufficient.
  • Excellence Scholarship for the School of Psychology
  • This offers GBP 10,000 contingent upon academic achievement.
  • International Scholarship for Law Schools
  • This results in a GBP 2,500 tuition fee discount. This is just for the first year; subject to academic progress, a scholarship is also offered in years two and three.

Graduate student awards

For both master’s and research students, the institution provides a variety of postgraduate financing opportunities. These prizes come in a range of amounts and are given out according to each subject.

For further information and specifics on country-specific requirements, students are urged to visit the university’s website.


  • Entry prerequisites
  • Undergraduate

The institution accepts a wide range of credentials from abroad. Some degrees, particularly those in the sciences, engineering, and languages, call for previous study in a particular field. Every student must also show that they have a sufficient command of the English language. Students who don’t fulfil the prerequisite academic standards for direct entrance might wish to think about enrolling in a foundation year programme.

  • Postgraduate

Students will typically need to have earned a first-degree equivalent to a 2:1 degree in the UK in order to enrol in the taught master’s programmes. For several of the postgraduate programmes, the institution additionally takes into account evidence of pertinent personal, professional, and educational experience. The university’s English language requirements must also be met by students.

  • Research

Students must often have a first- or second-class honours degree, or an equivalent certification, in an area related to their intended field of study. The university’s English language requirements must also be met by students.

BSc 1st class or 2i, or equivalent, in a relevant scientific field—typically one of the biological sciences, however a graduate in the natural sciences will also be taken into consideration for the Cancer Biology and Therapy course.

Division and Faculty

  • Teaching excellence

Students at the University of Leeds may look forward to learning from motivating professors, accomplished critical thinkers, and subject-matter specialists who foster a passion for their fields.

The University of Leeds prepares its students to think critically and analytically on their own. They will also learn how to become motivated, self-directed learners who can identify issues and look for solutions.

Lectures, seminars, and tutorials are all used in the teaching process, and there is also time set out for individual study, group projects, and lab work. Research is at the core of all learning on campus, making it a member of the Russell Group. Students may anticipate learning about discoveries and advancements from active researchers who distribute and incorporate these results into their lectures, often even before they have been published.

Campus and infrastructure

  • Facilities

The University of Leeds is dedicated to offering, keeping up with, and improving the greatest facilities to help students in their academic endeavours.

  • Libraries

Throughout the academic year, the five libraries of the university are open seven days a week to serve a range of patron requirements. Along with an extraordinary collection of rare books and manuscripts that may be utilised for both individual and group study, students have access to all the books and online resources they need for their course. The libraries also provide group work spaces with technology for interactive presentations.

IT Support theUniversity’s computer laboratories, the majority of which are accessible 24 hours a day, include more than 1,800 personal computers that are available to students. Free, fast Wi-Fi, a wide selection of free or inexpensive software, and safe access to resources via the Desktop Anywhere service are additional benefits of IT assistance. The university routinely receives top marks from the National Student Survey for its availability of IT resources.

  • Language Institute

With a collection of instructional resources in more than 45 languages, the specialised Language Centre assists students in learning and mastering new languages. Students get access to more than 50 TV channels in more than 20 languages as well as a sizable selection of international movies and documentaries. Pre-sessional English language courses offered by the university are accessible prior to the commencement of the course and can help international students become ready for studying in the UK. Once they’ve begun their degree programme, students can take part-time seminars and workshops to improve their academic English as they study.

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