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How to write new year’s greeting cards


New year is the time when people are happy to welcome the new year with lots of love and hope. It’s always a very special time for all of us, to welcome the new year with full excitement. The New Year Wishes make our relationship stronger. So it’s very necessary to wish your friends and family members, who are far away from you, through New Year Greetings. But only sending the wishes isn’t enough, you should also express your feelings, which can be done by giving Ecards or New Year Wishes Cards to your loved ones.

Wondering what to write in your new year’s cards? Here are some quick tips on how to write new year wishes for cards, so you can impress anyone by sending them a card this year.

Keep it short

Every New Year’s Eve, I get a lot of greeting cards. Most of them are fine — pleasant or funny or whatever — but some of them are just way too long. It’s like they’re afraid that if they don’t fill up the whole card, I won’t know who it’s from.

I don’t care who it’s from. I just want to know what it says. And I don’t need three paragraphs telling me what you did over the holidays, how many miles you ran, and what your plans are for this year. All I want is something short and simple, like “Hope you enjoyed the holidays — here’s looking forward to another year!”

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My theory is that people don’t realize how much work goes into writing a long message. You have to keep an eye on the whole thing and make sure that every sentence takes you somewhere. It has to be funny without being too jokey, friendly without being sappy, and so on for every single word. It’s a lot easier to write a short message than a long one!

Use images of people that are important to you

Most New Year’s greeting cards are the same. They tell you what a great time you had last year, how much you mean to them, etc. But if you are sending out hundreds of cards, this is not efficient.

How can you personalize all those cards? You can’t change the text. You can add a picture. But if everyone is sending out cards with pictures of their family, yours won’t stand out.

If you don’t have children or grandchildren, the above strategy doesn’t work for you. But most people do have such images in their computer: they can add their own face to such an image and then send that card to everyone they know! This personalizes the card in a way that is easy and cheap and that will be appreciated by your friends and family.

Here are some things you might consider putting on your card:

A photo of you and the recipient doing something fun together.

A photo of you and the recipient looking at something beautiful together.

A drawing or cartoon that conveys an emotion the recipient would like to feel at this time of year.

The first three can be hard to do well, which is why few people do them. As for the last one, I confess I have never tried it myself; I can’t draw or even really draw funny faces, so I don’t know if it is possible.

This year try using pictures of people who are important to you. They can be famous or not-famous; it doesn’t matter. But choose pictures that will prompt your friends to think of experiences they have had with those people

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